bulldozer tank


“Swords into Plowshares” is an initiative to help governments convert retired, decommissioned tanks into bulldozers, excavators, and agricultural tractors. The ultimate goal of the program is to promote economoic development, sustainability, and worldwide disarmament. To help raise money and awareness, they required a series of illustrations that illustrated the technical process by which the turret and…

100 dollar bill counterfeit


My family and I were at the Greenway in Boston recently. All of the new construction coupled with the gorgeous weather had us staring up and around in wonder. All of us but my 8-year old, who was sharp enough to spot what appeared to be a crisp $100 bill on the ground. My wife…

Ferguson Factory

A series of cutaway images illustrating various systems capabilities for a typical modern factory, including HVAC, fire suppression, facilities supply, waterworks, commercial/mechanical, and industrial piping. Agency: Phoenix Creative Client: Ferguson Enterprises

wood waste byproducts reuse


Here’s an illustration I recently created for Northern Woodlands magazine. It accompanies an article that describes the ways in which lumber mills are reusing wood byproducts. Various applications for the residual saw dust and wood shavings produced in these mills include biomass fuel, livestock bedding, paper mills, mulch, pellet mills, and heating fuel for the…