These images of a flowmeter were part of an installation and startup guide for CDI Meters. A flowmeter monitors the usage of compressed air and nitrogen. The purpose of the guide was to provide clear, step-by-step instructions for placement, mounting, powering, wiring, and milliamp scaling of the flowmeter.

Thanks to Roger Dennison for his concise explanations of the technology and his project needs, which really made the project a pleasure to work on.

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  1. Pretty cool! Exploded drawings are worth a thousand words.

    I make mass flow meters and want to make a new exploded drawing of them. My website is here: Mass Flow Controllers and I wonder how hard it would be for me to do that. I use SolidWorks and it is super hard to use and want an easier to use platform to draw mass flow meters and mass flow controllers to explain how they work.

    Anyone out there in for doing contract work to create such drawings with a package like Studio Sayers??

    If so go to my website and contact me..

    Dave Korpi

    Mass Flow Controllers

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