home electrical wiring cutaway
Created for HomeServe USA, this image conveys the complexity of interior wiring in the home as well as the potential repair costs associated. The marketing goal was the sale of home electrical line protection plans.

The challenge of the project was to create a house design that revealed interior components and wiring most effectively. By using a Cape style home, the attic was eliminated, which made the image more horizontally oriented and allowed for a more efficient use of it’s space. The angle of the house as well as the extension on the back allowed the kitchen and bathroom components to be clearly shown. The chimney and siding were selectively ghosted away to reveal pertinent details. The image had to be simple, clean, and organized so that other home systems like heating, cooling, and plumbing could be accommodated in subsequent updates or in an on-line, interactive version. Also, a set of icons was created that could be used interchangeably to call attention to various appliances and components on an as-needed basis.

I think the image succeeds in clearly conveying a lot of information. The wiring is complex yet visually balanced and leads the viewer’s eye through the house in a well-defined path. The client’s requirement for flexibility and expandability was also met, and ultimately the image successfully conveyed technical subject matter in a visually compelling manner.

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  1. It really looks simple but surely making it will be another thing to do.

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