This is a recent technical illustration completed for a Fabrico trade advertisement that depicts their solar photovoltaic materials employed within a rigid silicon solar panel. The client originally requested that I retouch an existing photograph to show the cutaway aspect, but we decided to go with a 3d rendering. StudioSayers was tasked with making the image look real, as the client wanted to show the context of their materials “in the field”. Through the use of color and selective shadows and highlights, I managed to attain a realistic image that still clearly communicates their products.

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  1. I love the image though you can tell that it is CG but if your client is looking for a realistic representation of their produt… then you nailed it. It looks CG but it's also a clear enough representation that Im sure the viewer won't discredit it at all. I have a site where people can learn how to make solar panels from scratch.

  2. Curtis Sayers

    Thanks Matt. I think photo realism can be a bit tricky when trying to illustrate information. If you render shadows and highlights too realistically then the points of interest (in this case the interior of the panel) can suffer. Having said that, I think the rear panel in the distance could have used a bit more work where it sits on the grass. Sometimes these things don't become apparent until some time has passed and you can be more objective!

    I checked out your site. Very cool! My only recommendation would be the addition of a short "sample" video to the site, so your customers could get an idea of what to expect in the way of instruction, etc.


  3. Your decision to use 3D rendering was right. The result speaks for itself, 🙂 Great job!

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