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After a busy Spring I decided to clean the office today and I thought, well, this doesn’t happen very often (at least, not often enough) so I thought I’d take a picture. It got me thinking about the psychological impact your work environment can have on you. Does it make you feel comfortable, at peace, productive? Does it reflect your identity and say something about who you are? Does it need to? Or does it feel like an ill-fitting outfit and you find yourself distracted by the need to clean up or decorate or upgrade your hardware?

My space feels relatively comfortable. I got a great desk at a place called the Door Store in Cambridge awhile back. The Aeron chairs were a worthwhile expense; I highly recommend them. My computer and dual monitors have served me well; no complaints there. The “tower lamp” on the right adds a bit of warmth to the office, which is always welcome in the cold winter months. I get good sunlight from three windows and a door.

Does the office reflect my personality and my line of work? It probably does look fairly appropriate for a technical illustrator. It’s efficient and cleanly laid out, qualities I strive to communicate in my work. But also like the best technical illustration projects I aspire to create, it probably needs a bit of personality. Perhaps a nice piece of art on the wall. Sounds like a future topic for a blog entry…

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  1. martin

    This is probably the neatest office space i've seen. I look at your and I look around my office and well…"not clean" is the safest way to put it. However I do think someone like me thrives in organised chaos. As messy as my desk is, i know exactly where everything is. With that said I actually love the layout of your office. If im ever looking for some office space rental, this is the picture i'll have in mind.

  2. Danielle Robertson

    NIce office Curtis! Definitely looks like you and reflects your work. Am thinking you need a touch of greenery (plants) and a large colorful canvas on the wall.

    p.s. I want a real Aeron chair. Alas, I have a cheap knock-off. Not the same.

  3. Curtis Sayers

    Hey Danielle! Thanks. Yes I definitely need some plants and some kind of picture on the wall. Of course I can't decide what to put up. My dentist has a cool print of the Flatiron district but not sure I want my office to inspire thoughts of latex gloves in my mouth. Aeron chairs are great. I think we got one of them refurbished for cheaper. Hope things are good with you and the boys!

  4. Nice office to work with.

  5. How much do you charge to do an office makeover?

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