how stuff works whiskey chocolate games cover
This is another recent project for Discovery Channel. The popular “How Stuff Works” series required a set of three illustrations for their volume 2 DVD packaging. Among the subjects covered this time around were chocolate, whiskey, and games; very different but interesting subjects to render in 3D. As a technical illustrator, I’m usually drawing hard-surfaced, mechanical subject matter, so the organic nature of the “Whiskey” and “Chocolate” images made them particularly fun and challenging to create. Thanks to Bill Hartman at Discovery Communications for the great project!

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  1. Hi Curtis,

    I love how light describes the chocolate wrapper and how you were able to create a reflective quality in the whiskey glass. I give the assignment "Light and Shadow" to my photography students. You have achieved that objective with your illustrations here. Can't wait to see the series with my boys! Thanks for sharing your fine work!

  2. I cant believe it. At first i really thought these are real pictures. Then as I read the post, I was astonished that they are actually 3D illustrations. Great work. I wish I could learn how you do this.

  3. Curtis Sayers

    Hey Annemari, thanks for the kind words! I took a photography class way back in college and wish I'd paid more attention. Never realized how it would impact my art later on. Hope you and the boys are well!

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