mary baker eddy library visitor map
This is a visitors guide map I recently created for the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston. What started out as a rather complex, 4-story building got simplified to include only the most necessary visitor locations, and I think the resulting image was the better for it. I opted to use a custom perspective view, which will help visitors to quickly orient themselves in the library space. The challenge in using this approach versus a two-dimensional view is being mindful to not obscure key elements with walls and other structures, although sometimes this was unavoidable and I had to selectively “ghost” or cut away a few sections of walls.

A couple handy utilities I used to produce this image were HotDoor’s CadTools, which helped me create the custom isometric projection, and VectorScribe, a new suite of tools that speed up the editing and creation of vector artwork. If you’re a technical illustrator or create vector graphics I think these tools are indispensable. I look forward to using both of them in future projects.

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