hydraulic fracturing fracking illustration
This is a recent infographic I created showing the process of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, to accompany an online Q&A with Dr. Robert Earle of Analysis Group. Fracking is a well-stimulation process for extracting natural gas from shale deposits. Though the practice holds a lot of promise, it might also negatively impact the environment. Seismic disturbances, water usage, and groundwater contamination are all issues that are being examined to further develop strict safety guidelines.

Thanks to Tanya Mysko, Creative Director at Analysis Group, who made this a fun and interesting project to work on!

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  1. The process of fracking doesn’t just cause rocks to splinter – it shatters the well-being and beauty of communities. There are too many doubts about this unconventional practice for the public to have confidence in it. While drilling companies spend money to convince us all is well with these wells, communities are rising up to put the brakes on before more damage is done.

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